Save Water While Saving Your Lawn

Lawn Care EquipmentAccording to the EPA, households in the Southwest and similar dry climates use as much as 60 percent of their domestic water for outdoor uses. Sadly, as much as half of this water is wasted. For many in Utah, their lawn care includes this practice. However, you don’t have to waste water while saving your lawn. Greenside Landscaping says that you can conserve lawn and garden irrigation water with these easy tips:

Water Savings Tips

1. Choose regionally appropriate plants.

Native plants have had many centuries to adapt to shifts in environmental conditions. Once established, these plants require little moisture above normal rainfall.

2. Don’t water grass every day.

Usually, there is no need to irrigate grass every day. Before soaking your lawn, step on a patch of grass; if the grass springs back, it has enough water.

3. Be a morning person.

Water your lawn early in the morning to help your plants weather the heat of the day. During-the-day watering often means wasting a lot of water due to evaporation. Nighttime watering may help to conserve water, but it may contribute to fungus diseases. Talk to a reputable Utah lawn care service about the best time to water your lawn to save water, prevent diseases and comply with your local municipality’s directives.

4. Monitor sprinkler watering to prevent overwatering.

You can use a rain gauge or a straight-edged container to monitor sprinkler watering. You can also improve water conservation and system efficiency by adding “smart” controllers to your existing irrigation controls.

5. Use drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation and sweating hoses put water at the plant’s root zone right where it’s needed. These methods help to reduce the amount of water lost to the wind and the sun.

6. Prioritize watering.

Give priority to newly planted lawns, shrubs, trees, and perennials with transplanting stress. Second priority should go to the vegetables and ornamental plants that require water to continue producing. Lastly, you can water turf that can safely go dormant.

Save water and protect the environment by taking simple steps to conserve water each day. Seek help from an experienced Utah lawn care expert to create a beautiful but sustainable lawn or garden.