Setting Up Your Own Home Office

Home Office A growing number of employees are finding the prospect of starting out on their own appealing. A home office is usually part of the process. This kind of setup gives you the best of both worlds: privacy to focus on your work and the liberating feeling of being at home and not stuck with other office stiffs miles away.

Here are ideas for setting up your own home office.

It can be a garage or whatever

Do the Apple and Google stories mean that much to you? If so, you won’t mind turning your garage into an office. But know that the garage is not your only option. You can use any room as long as it fits the bill, and there’s a door you can close to block out home life when you need to. You can even build a home extension if you have the budget. While you’re at it, get commercial painting professionals to work on the colour of your new office, according to; it can be coloured to match the house, or differently so it’s more distinct and identifiable as an office.

Follow the light

The first consideration is light. So choose a spot that has lots of natural light coming in. This will help you save on electricity. Natural light is also more appealing than artificial light when you’re working. But pick out some good lighting sources as well, because you’re going to need them at night.

Get comfortable

Don’t skimp on the chair; it has to be ergonomic and something that will make you want to work long hours. You don’t have to work long hours, but you don’t want a chair that forces you to give up after a couple, either. Use an office table that’s neither too high nor too low when you place a computer on it. The top of your computer monitor should be at eye level to help you avoid back, neck and eye strain. Hide those unsightly cables.

A home office is the perfect setup if you’re tired of the daily work-home commute, if you want to stay close to family or if you want freedom from office clothing. But set a reasonable budget for your home office if you want to survive the daily grind.