Should You Repair or Replace Windows?

Window Replacement In MinneapolisReplacing your old windows has many benefits. Apart from the fact they won’t require additional storm windows, new ones can lower your electricity bills and make your home more energy efficient. They are also easier to clean and new panes will not cause you any stress and headache.

Before looking for new window replacement, it is best to know what you can fix. While it may be worth it to buy a new one, some windows only need repairs. If your windows have broken parts or jammed sashes, evaluate the extent of damage to know if replacement is more suitable, suggests Craftsmen Home Improvements, Inc.

Making Windows Energy-Efficient

If repairs will suffice, do so. It is also best to consider caulking and weather stripping to make your windows more efficient. Caulk when the humidity is low and when the temperature is above 45° F. For weather stripping, apply it on a clean and dry surface when it is above 20° F. Adding insulation and storm and screen windows can cost less than new windows, although they may not be as convenient.

Replacement is Advisable

For decayed windows, however, it is best to replace them. This is especially true for those with rotting parts and broken glass. Window replacement advocates in Minneapolis have high praises for new ones, as they are more energy-efficient and effective at retaining heating and air conditioning. If you have the budget or are willing to save up for it, new windows are a great investment.

Historic Homes and Windows

Windows can be a significant architectural detail that can define the look of your house. Sometimes, replacing those with decorative grilles or stained glass may lower the overall value of the property. Consider if the new ones will fit your home’s design. While you may not need a full replacement, consider partial replacement, especially for broken and decayed windows.

It is true that older windows can be repaired, but be sure that is appropriate for the current state your window. Do not hesitate to replace them if you think replacement will benefit you in the end.