Simple Projects that Can Improve Home Efficiency

home efficiency
Does your utility budget bleed each month? There are two possible reasons: you use more energy or your home’s design is inefficient. If it’s the latter, making some changes to improve efficiency doesn’t have to be too costly.

You can live in a more energy-efficient home by doing the following:

Adding Storm Windows

You need one if you live in a city or state where storms can be brutal. It is also helpful when you have problems with air leakage. You need all the warmth you can get during winter. The problem is if you have leaks or gaps, warm air goes out, forcing your heaters to work harder and use more energy to generate more heat. As a result, you pay a higher utility bill.

While leaks can occur in many parts of the house, they usually develop on windows. Seal them by adding a storm window.

Insulating Doors

Air can also get out through the gaps on your doors. Sadly, many older models don’t have excellent insulation. While replacing a door involves money, it actually is a worthwhile investment. Just think about the huge savings you can enjoy in the long run, other than better heating and cooling. You can also choose among the modern craftsman style doors available today to add more value to your property.

Improving Attic Ventilation

Does your home feel damp or unusually humid during the summer? Do you see molds almost everywhere? You may have a humidity and moisture problem worsened by poor attic ventilation.

Well-ventilated attics allow air to circulate properly, which in turn lowers electricity costs. In addition, they extend shingle life, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars on future repairs or replacement. Problems involving attic ventilation can be complex and difficult to resolve. If DIY is not for you, better leave the improvement projects to licensed contractors.

Spend more time enjoying the weather and less on worrying how much you’ll pay for heating and cooling in the coming months. Carry out simple home improvement projects today and enjoy the long-term benefits.