Six Things to Remember When Choosing Timber Stairs for Your Stilt House

Indoor  Timber Staircase Stilt houses are flood-proof. They also allow people to build over land that’s rocky, steep or unstable, serve to keep unwanted animals or vermin out and maximise views. If you’re considering building a stilt house, pay attention to the house’s indoor and outdoor stairs. As such, here are things to remember when planning a modern timber staircase for your stilt house.

1. Use different timber for different jobs

Wood types significantly differ in their characteristics. The wood you use for treads and risers may not necessarily be ideal for the strings, balusters and newels. Visit a staircase design store and ask about various wood samples.

2. Match the timber type

Ideally, your indoor staircase should match your furniture’s wood type. Try to harmonise the staircase with the furniture’s pattern and design.

3. Secure the layout of the stairs

Use concrete to make the footings of the outside stairs. Make sure the foundations are deep enough to safeguard against a flood. The bottom posts must also attach securely to the footings. The staircase stringers also require extra supports. Add several landings to add safety to the whole staircase.

4. Choose a rot-resistant timber

Timber can rot when exposed to moisture. Be sure that the wood you chose for your outdoor staircase can withstand moisture. Go for rot-resistant timber especially if your house is in a flood prone area.

5. Select insect-resistant timber

Termites and other wood-loving insects can quickly destroy your staircase. Choose timber that stands up against insect infestation and treat it accordingly.

6. Opt for fire-resistant timber

Fire is a real hazard when you have any wooden structure. Fire retardant treatment helps to make timber resistant to fire. Also, certain woods have natural fire-resistant abilities. Timber with such abilities includes spotted gum and Merbau.

The staircase is a defining feature of a stilt house. Wooden stairs can add a level of luxury to your stilt house, providing a beautiful means to move into the house and between floors. Plan the staircase, use the right timber to create it, and engage an experienced workforce.