Skip the AC Maintenance and You’ll Suffer the High Repair Cost

AC Maintenance in ArkansasSummers in Arkansas can get extremely hot on occasions, which place heavy demands on air conditioning systems. Most homeowners skip the low cost of maintenance only to endure the high cost of repair of their unit later on.

Many people carry the “live well enough alone” policy a bit too far and disregard the benefits of regular AC maintenance until the equipment finally breaks down. Only after receiving quotes from several AC companies do they realize that repair will indeed be seriously costly.

Doing it later can cost you a lot more

Unless you’re the techie type, an air conditioning system can be hard to maintain regularly by yourself. According to Kennedy Air Conditioning, only a skilled and experienced technician has the expertise to handle its complexities and various issues. Therefore, your air conditioner requires regular inspection and maintenance to prevent unwanted breakdowns from occurring.

The absence of maintenance can turn an AC unit into an energy-hogging machine that can increase the cost of your power bills every month. Furthermore, the AC unit can lose efficiency by 5% every year without maintenance. On the other hand, a regularly maintained unit keeps up to 90% of its original efficiency. This translates to reduced electricity bills, as your unit uses less power to produce cool air.

What’s included in AC maintenance?

A proper regular AC maintenance program includes inspection, checking freon gas levels, motor lubrication if applicable, evaporator and condenser coil cleaning, wiring inspection, thermostat calibration and checking other various system operations.

Besides the regular maintenance routine, cleaning and replacing the air filter often will guarantee that your air conditioner will run smoothly and efficiently. It is also recommended to keep the AC’s exterior free from dirt and debris to prevent blockages and keep the air flowing continuously into the machine.

Your home’s air conditioning unit needs a regular checkup, maintenance, and repair to keep it functioning efficiently and at peak performance. It will help eliminate the occurrence of sudden breakdowns, spare you from costly repairs and extend the unit’s cooling service for many more years.