Some Thoughts on Snow Removal in St. Paul

a car on a snowyEspecially in an urban area such as St. Paul, Minneapolis, it pays to be ready for the cold season. Getting snowed in can be a hassle — imagine not being able to get to work because of a driveway choked with a huge mound of snow.

There are strict regulations on snow removal — for instance, the authorities in Minneapolis prohibit shoving or blowing snow into the road. Homeowners have a 24-hour window to clear snow off their driveways. Otherwise, Public Works will issue tickets on property owners who don’t remove snow from sidewalks. They will remove the snow and ice themselves, but the owners will pay for the service.

Considering these rules, it might be a bit of a hassle to remove snow yourself. If you’re looking to employ a contractor to remove snow from your property, here are some considerations:

Break the Ice

When left unchecked, ice can be a public safety hazard. People can slip and fall while walking on pavements covered with ice, which can form when you do not properly clear snow and moisture from surfaces. When you are removing snow, make sure to break any ice to prevent accidents. Some snow removal contractors in St. Paul also spread sand, salt, or a combination of both to prevent ice from forming.

Plan Ahead

Winters can come fast for St. Paul, so make sure to have a backup plan in case you’ll be away during snowfalls. This can help prevent snow plowing tickets and fines from the city. If you’re going on a vacation, you can employ snow removal contractors in the area, or even a neighbor you trust. In cases where you have to pay for service, make sure that the company you employ have a good reputation — otherwise, the money you spent for their services might end up wasted.