spiral steel stairs

The Strength of Steel for Your Stairs

November 5, 2018

Old houses had two kinds of stairs. The first one was for show, which allowed visitors and the homeowners to admire the grandness of the house’s design. The second kind of stairs is hidden away […]

The Reconstruction

Home Toilet Problems: What Can You Do?

September 17, 2018

Dealing with whatever home toilet problem is never a pleasant experience. Apart from being a major hassle for everyone, it can also bring a host of inconveniences, especially if the toilet smells bad. This only […]

The Simple Things

Fencing 101: Types and Factors to Consider

October 14, 2015

Welcome to your new home! Everything looks good – the garden, living room, dining area, kitchen and the bedrooms. But there’s still one problem left: the fencing. You are very conscious about the security of […]