The Basics of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet CleaningMost people often overlook maintaining the cleanliness of their carpet. Unless there are obvious stains or a lingering odor, carpet owners forego cleaning. But in the rare times that they do, their usual cleaning methods involve dry brushing to prevent damaging the carpet. Various germs and dust particles accumulate in a dirty carpet.  And dry brushing can only be as effective as it may seem. It doesn’t fully cover the entire sanitation process.

Every carpet owner concerned about their health and wellness should note that there are specific cleaning agents and equipment used for cleaning carpets. So, before heading off to clean your carpet DIY style, you have to know the basics.

A Bremerton carpet cleaning service provider has the answers for common carpet-related questions:

  • How long before a carpet fully dries?

Typically, drying time lasts for a few hours. A fan directed towards a carpet, along with enough ventilation, speeds up the drying process.

  • Do stains and spots reappear after cleaning?

Heavy spillage and soiling penetrate a carpet’s backing. It may “wick” up during and after the drying process. To resolve this, gently clean the area again by wetting the fibers with a spot cleaner.

  • What are the effective methods used in carpet cleaning?

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction removes deep-seated dirt, making it the most effective form of carpet cleaning. Use hot water and inject a powerful cleaning solution into the carpet fibers. A suction mechanism extracts dirt, allergens, the cleaning agent, and 95% of the moisture.

  • Is it important to apply carpet protector to cleaned carpets?

After thoroughly cleaning a carpet, apply carpet protector as the final step. This helps the carpet in resisting soiling caused by dry dirt.

  • Does deodorizer work in removing odors from a carpet?

Deodorizer removes organic odors that it interacts with through a natural bacterial enzyme. For it to be effective, it must cover the entire contaminated surface.

With these things in mind, you can better prepare for cleaning without worrying about damaging your carpet.