The Basics of Starting Your Own Pest Control Business

Termite CampStarting your own pest control business is a good way to boost your income and be your own boss. This can work for those who have been a skilled exterminator for some time. Different types of pests make their way into people’s homes all the time and homeowners are more than willing to pay to wipe them out.

When you decide to start a pest control business, here are some of the things you should think about.

Get a license

Before you start operating, obtain the proper licenses. Check your state’s regulations to know the required licenses and certifications. Pest control involves handling poisonous materials, so it is important that you are certified and you know what you’re doing in the first place.

Establish your business plan

The scope of pest control contracts may vary, so be sure to have an established business plan. Include the types of services you are going to offer as well as the complete price list. Pest control services generally include preventive maintenance and inspections.

You may also want to include specific services such as rodent and snake removals. To get as many clients as possible, your services should cover the particular needs of the community.

Hire the right people

Even those not qualified as exterminators but see the moneymaking potential of this line of business may start their own company. This will involve hiring licensed professionals in the field. Meanwhile, you will be taking care of the management and marketing aspects of the business. For a more efficient operation, think about investing in software programs designed for pest control businesses.

Market your pest control business by placing ads in local newspapers and magazines. Think about attending trade shows and expos as well. You should also create an online presence by building a website and putting your business details on online directories.

Know the basics of starting a business and ensure that you have the right people and equipment. Soon enough, homeowners will start knocking on your doors—or contacting you online—to request your services.