The Common Plumbing Myths: What Should You Believe?

Residential PlumbingThere are many beliefs surrounding plumbing. Some of these are facts, while others are myths. So, what are the common myths that residential and commercial plumbers in Rockwall, TX aim to disprove?

Bacon Plumbing, for instance, emphasizes the importance of addressing plumbing concerns early to avoid costly repairs in the future – whether little issues such as drip, or major problems like a busted pipe. Below are few of the myths and the truths surrounding them.

A Leaky Faucet Is No Big Deal

“It is only a drip; it doesn’t need immediate attention,” they say. The reality of the situation is this: a simple drip will end up costing more money due to high utility bills. It is also not environment-friendly. According to Environmental Protection Agency, leaks in households account for the wastage of more than a trillion gallons of water every year. In this regard, that drip really is a big deal. Also, a drip will stain the faucet in the long run, especially if the water has contaminants. This translates to the need to replace it later on, unless a stained and dirty-looking sink is desirable.

Putting Lemons Down the Sink Freshens the Disposal

While using lemons as a cleaning solution may be effective, there are disadvantages to doing so. The garbage disposal will smell fresh after putting lemons down the sink, but it risks corroding the interior due to the citric acid from the lemons. And if the disposal unit cannot dice the peels, the lemons might create a clog in the drain. To avoid such inconveniences when using lemon, use lemon-treated ice cubes to clean the inside of the disposal.

There is No Problem as Long as Everything Goes Down the Drain

The thing to consider here is safety – not everything that goes down the drain is all right. Allowing everything to go through the drain could lead to a potential clog, and no homeowner wants that. Consider putting a hair screen in the tub and sink to alleviate clogs of hair after pulling out the drain stopper.

Clearly, these are just a few of the plumbing myths around the world. It is important to know the truth to avoid causing problems out of ignorance. When the problem seems like it’s irreversible, don’t hesitate to seek help from professional plumbers. More than anyone, they can help homeowners and building managers understand the right way to take care of a plumbing system.