The Right Way to Choose a New Air Conditioner

AirconditionerWhen you’re in need of a new cooling system, it’s always important to do your research. Being an educated consumer means learning more about what the market offers, which will then help you choose the right air conditioning unit. While you may have a specific brand in mind, you also have to consider the proper sizing to help you save more money and energy in the long run.

It’s advisable to choose a contractor that follows the proper industry practices when choosing a new unit. Be wary of those who encourage you to buy a bigger or oversized unit just to make more profit. Salt Lake City air conditioner installation experts note that oversizing leads to more problems such as uneven temperatures, increased noise, and more repair bills.

What Reliable Contractors Do

Avoid contractors who skip proper sizing procedures and use rough estimation. Keep in mind that the floor area of your home is not the only factor when determining the correct unit size. The right contractor will perform a comprehensive assessment that involves getting an accurate measurement of the house’s orientation and dimensions. This also includes:

  • Measurement of each room
  • Inspection of insulation
  • Static pressure and airflow tests
  • Taking note of other factors such as roof color, shading, and number of occupants
  • A printout of load calculations or a written sizing guarantee

Avoid Problems in the Future

While you may want to consider the lowest bid and save more money, you are likely to experience more issues in the future. It’s always better to choose a contractor who is willing to spend more time and effort in doing the right job. Know that when you choose a correctly sized unit, you will have a long-lasting one and can avoid issues related to increased humidity, poor air distribution, and increased mold buildup.

Keep these things in mind when buying or installing a new air conditioner. Be sure to purchase an efficient model but not an oversized unit, and make sure that it is installed correctly.