The Strength of Steel for Your Stairs

spiral steel stairsOld houses had two kinds of stairs. The first one was for show, which allowed visitors and the homeowners to admire the grandness of the house’s design. The second kind of stairs is hidden away behind walls and hallways. These stairs were narrow and meant for the house cleaning staff. As times change, how stairs are built have also changed, and modern homes use different materials to exude class, elegance, style, and functionality. For houses that use steel and other metals as part of their decor, steel stairs provide an aesthetic and durability that other materials cannot provide.

Advantages of Steel Stairs

Sturdiness In New Zealand, people choose steel stairs mainly for their durability and strength. These stairs could carry a lot of weight for a longer time. The material is five times stronger than stairs made of wood. Stairs made from steel can last for many years and is not susceptible to pest infestations. With proper maintenance, it could also endure harsh weather conditions. These stairs could also withstand strong vibrations and stay in one piece even in a strong earthquake.

Easy Installation

Metal stairs are fabricated or welded in a variety of designs and shapes. Metal and steel are very versatile materials, and they could be formed into various shapes suitable for your home decor. Fabricators of steel stairs can customise stairs that suit your home design. Meet with your interior decorator and architect so they could advise you on what kind of metal stairs and design suits your home.

Unique Designs

Steel is versatile, so you could have it in a variety of designs that might not be possible with other materials. Spiral stairs are much more attractive when built with steel. They are grand in appearance and could also be significant space savers in the home.

Floating Stairs

Floating stairs also save space, and give any home a touch of modernity. Most homes with limited space could use a floating stairs design to free up space. There are many ways you can incorporate steel stairs in your home design, but you need to contact a steel stairs fabricator to create a customised staircase for your modern house.