The Trends on Swimming Pools You Have to Consider

Swimming PoolResidents who want to install a swimming pool should first consider the shape and size that they want. They also have to figure out the equipment and features that they want to include.

Beyond all of this, pool specialist Dolphin Pools & Spa states that they have to choose from an array of functional options and style, together with their landscape architect or pool contractor.

Here are some new trends to inspire you with your choices:

Inside Out

There is currently a great demand for houses that incorporate outdoor and indoor living areas. Residents are searching for indoor spaces that naturally integrate with outdoor living spaces and open onto the lawn and pool.

Same as indoors, lighting plays a crucial part in setting the mood, and it aids in forming an excellent backdrop for entertaining guests. Instead of lighting the whole area using one light, try mixing dining, pool and ambient lighting to get an effective and simple lighting design.

There are times when your home just does not have enough space to separate your lounging and dining area. It is essential to think about a setup that achieves several uses from the space connecting the pool.

Invisible Edging

The late 90s first introduced wet edge or infinity edge pools. This pool design generates a visual impact of water vanishing, extending or spreading to the horizon.

Even though this trend is still quite renowned today, luxury style pools have upgraded this design with knife-edge pools. This is where the water looks like it is floating at deck level and spilling onto an opening at the very end of the deck.

Moreover, there a growing number of homeowners are also asking for glass blade edges. The combination of water and the transparency of glass add a great visual impact. Some pools even integrated full-length glass that appears remarkable if seen from the inside and out.

By taking some time to know the present swimming pool trends, you will confidently know what features, equipment and other choices to integrate into your pool. This avoids any future regrets and renovations to this new addition to your home.