Thinking Big: Space Saving Features for the Tiny Home

Blue Small HouseWhat do you do if you have little space to work with in your home and your precious furniture is eating up a huge chunk of your square footage? The solution is simple. Take into account all other available spaces, past the flooring and up your ceiling.

Ackworth House and other experienced interior designers share the following ideas to help you make the most of your tiny space:

  • If your kitchen counters have a whole lot going on, but don’t have enough space for you to work on, don’t just stop with floating cabinets. Consider lifting your dish racks and placing hooks for hanging everything. Viola! More counter space.
  • In a tiny bedroom, every inch is vital. Why not attach a floating nightstand (bonus points if it can swivel) to your bed frame to hold all your bedtime essentials without taking up any footprint.
  • Instead of lighting up your kitchen from the bottom or ground up, why not light it from the top. Consider a drop or floating structure in your kitchen, which could house recessed lighting and range hood, and the space above used for storing seasonal or rarely used kitchen equipment. This works particularly well in an open plan kitchen, as it effectively delineates the space from the neighbouring spaces without having to crowd the space with any kind of light obstructing barrier.
  • Use a floating shelving system to hold various items and function as a home office space. It will not eat up floor space and is more compact than your traditional bureau.
  • Got windows on your tight hallways? Widen the windowsills so that they could accommodate books and other knickknacks.
  • Bulky stairs? Consider a floating steps staircase or perhaps open risers to make the staircase look airy and light.
  • While you could definitely shop for smaller sinks for your tiny bathroom, save even more space with a floating vanity.
  • If you have the budget and the ceiling height, go for the best floating space saver—a loft. You could turn it into a guest bedroom, family room, reading room, home office, or everything in between.

With these space saving ideas, you get more from your tiny space. Whenever possible, just take some furniture off your floor and add space saving items to maximise your tiny home’s available floor area.