Three Indicators of Drainage Problems in Your Home

Plumber working on pipe of kitchen sinkAn elaborate drainage system is one of the most critical aspects of any home. Often, its significance goes unnoticed. It is until a homeowner realises that their kitchen sink or bathroom is flooding that they remember to service it. That should not always be the case.

1. Slow Drainage

This can be detected when one pours a significantly large volume of water down a sink. You might be required to ask a drainage contractor like Un-Block to come and remedy the situation. Drainage systems, especially those leading from the kitchen, are at risk of regular clogging. It occurs when food particles escape through the sink filter and into the drainage system. They then accumulate, forming a mass that blocks the pipe.

2. Gushing Gutters

These differ to a great extent from faulty drains. Open spaces between two conjoined gutters often cause the latter. Consequently, rainwater leaks from the pipes and onto the walls of a house. In the case of gushing gutters, the drains do not have to be faulty. They result from clogging within the drainage channel. The result is the buildup of rainwater through the channel. As it continues to rain, the water fills up the gutter and begins to overflow.

3. Foul Smells

A foul smell inside your house might be an indicator of decomposing matter or a burst drainage pipe. With the latter, your home is in danger of suffering water damage. That usually happens when some of the drainage pipes are behind the prefabricated walls around your house. You will be required to repair the leaking drainage pipes and then thoroughly disinfect your home.

Any defect within your home’s drainage system should be given utmost attention. Unusual problems such as bathroom floods should encourage you to check your pipes.