Three Ways to Decorate a Small Patio

Exterior patio with furnitureIf you crowd your patio with too much furniture and accessories, your outdoor area will turn into a mess. Small patios clutter easily; this gives you the difficult task of making the right balance between using decorative and practical items.

Here are some ideas you can try to reduce the clutter:

Utilise the Vertical Space

Having a small patio means there is limited floor space for a few pieces of furniture, so you need to utilise other areas to avoid a cluttered look. One solution is to use the vertical space available. For example, instead of having huge vases, you can plant vertical gardens by lining your walls with small pots or soda bottles filled with plants.

Be Creative with Storage

If there are items you need to store within the patio area, try to utilise the furniture and spaces you already have. Use a series of nesting tables that slot under each other to allow you to hide away the smaller tables when they are not needed. More imaginative storage options are available to help beat clutter. Outdoor furniture, such as a bench or chairs are available with storage compartments integrated under the seat; some coffee tables can double as storage bins.

Define Your Colour Scheme

Choose furniture and accessories with colours that work well together. Using a colour scheme can help your patio look coherent and neat. For example, a chair with a bright colour will serve as a nice focal point if your background is plain concrete, which unifies the look of your patio. Items with wooden textures fit better with the outdoor garden colours than metallic ones, although both options look good. Stick to accessories that complement the existing palette you have. This also helps you become selective with the decorations you want to add.

Don’t let the limited space of your patio stop you from being creative. Whether you use it to host parties, eat outdoors or simply relax, there are plenty of options to make it beautiful yet functional.