Tips for Painting Aluminium Coping Systems

Swimming PoolAluminium coping systems are an affordable way to join the pool walls to the decks. It keeps the sharp edges smooth and safe. It also makes the pool look more attractive, although aluminium coping does need to be painted regularly.

Here are some tips for painting aluminium coping from Contour.

Choosing the right paint

You need paint that is suitable for outdoor use. You can use water-based acrylic, and it will last about two years. You can also use a chlorinated rubber-based paint, which will last up to five years. If you want the paint for your aluminium coping to last much longer under the sun, you can use epoxy paint. A pool specialist should be able to give you good advice on the best brand for your budget.

Preparing the coping

Before you apply the paint, however, you need to ensure that the paint will stick for a long time. Fill in any cracks with pool patching compound, and sand down the entire surface to make sure it is clean. Use a pressure washer to remove any ground-in dirt. The paint will bond better that way, and last longer. This can save you a lot of time, money, and effort in the end.

Applying the paint

The best time to apply the paint is when it is cool, so schedule it for early morning or morning. You can use tape to make sure the paint has a straight edge and keep the paint from getting on anything else but the coping. You can use spray paint, but the best way to apply paint is with the use of a nap roller (3/8 in.) or a paintbrush.

Aluminium coping is an important part of your swimming pool, and you should make sure to keep it well maintained. Replacing the paint when it shows signs of chipping or damage, or putting it on for a new build, keeps it in good condition.