Tips to Lubricate Garage Door Hinges

rear view of closed garage doorLubrication of the door hinges and springs is one way to ensure your garage door in Salt Lake City works smoothly. Price’s Guaranteed Doors explains that you need to use two types of lubricants for the overhead of a garage door. Light oil is ideal for lubricating the pulley, hinges, and rollers while a silicone spray lubricant suits track and springs. Here are the easiest steps to lubricate your garage door.

Oil Application

First, apply a light oil to the bearings on each roller of the garage door. Place the tip of the oil container near the roller and the base of the stem to allow the oil to penetrate into the bearings. After that, use your fingers to rotate the wheel to ensure the oil spreads evenly.

Turning the Sleeves

The sleeves are the parts of the hinge that holds the bearing and the rollers. You need to turn them so that the outer hinge faces you to ensure the lubricant penetrates to the bearings. After that, apply a few drops of the oil to each sleeve and use your fingers to grasp and rotate the protruding edges of the roller to distribute the oil evenly.

Set up a Stepladder

If your garage door has springs that are above the door, set up a stepladder so that you can reach them. Use a silicone lubricating spray to spray the length of each spring. Open and close the garage door to allow the lubricant to flow to the bearings. It’s recommendable to lubricate garage doors twice a year.


After applying the silicone spray to each roller, apply two to three drops of light oil to the pulley bearings. After that, use a cloth to wipe each track curve and vertical track before applying a light coat of the silicon spray to each track. However, make sure the spray doesn’t spread to other parts of the track.

Of course, everyone wants to maintain the durability and efficiency of their garage doors. Garage door hinges and springs can become rusty and dirty if not lubricated, and this can cause them to groan and squeal when opening and closing. Make sure that your garage door will stay durable for a long time so you’ll save on maintenance and time.