Top 3 Office Interior Design Trend this 2017

Modern Office InteriorThe entrance of the New Year marks the entry of new trends in fashion and interior design. Let your office cope with the latest this 2017 by updating your office space and giving it a fresh and modern look.

While working with a company like Whiteleys Office Furniture who can render their office interior design services, here are some trends you might want to be familiar with. Having an idea of what is the latest can give you an idea of how you want your new office to look like.

Office interior design trends

  1. Color pops

No, not the lipstick brand. Gone are the days when office spaces need to look corporate through dull colours. Colour pops are simply the presence of colours to liven up the spaces in your offices. These can be in the form of wall paints, paint patterns, through an art piece or as simple as choosing a bright coloured furniture (i.e. sofas and chairs) over neutrally coloured ones.

  1. Social spaces

Employees play a huge part in the success (or failure) of a company. Therefore, prioritising employee welfare is a must. This can be done through having social spaces for them to dine and interact with fellow employees. These spaces can be filled with books, games, or entertainment features that can help your staff take a breather from their work. After all, a refreshed mind works better than a stressed one.

  1. Authenticity

Aside from its size and the perks, their employees have, Google headquarters around the world have slides. Yes, the one you liked to play with back in the days. The point is, it is important to match your office interiors with your company’s culture and profile. This can be done by having authentic and unique design ideas that can attract both your clients and own employees.

Reflect on your company’s core values and unique characteristics and incorporate them into your new office interior designs. 2017’s biggest trend? Be unique and be you.