Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Get A Granite Countertop

Granite Kitchen CountertopAccording to the FDA, the food supply in the USA is among the safest in the world. However, food, when handled inappropriately, can be contaminated by pathogens that can cause food borne illnesses. Hence, always practicing proper food handling must. This practice should and must begin at home, specifically in the kitchen.

Hands, kitchenware, appliance and tools must be kept clean and sanitized during food handling. Subsequently, it is important to have a clean and durable kitchen workspace. Thus, choose countertops carefully and meticulously. Several countertop options available from providers such as Countertop Manufacturer in Phoenix, Arizona but granite tops the choice for safety and durability.

Here are three compelling reasons why granite is the best option for a safe and worry-free countertop:

Granite is Durable

Granite is a natural stone, composed of different minerals that second to diamond regarding hardness. Granite is scratch and heat resistant, hence giving you a worry-free cooking experience.

Granite Assures Kitchen Cleanliness

Granite, when cleaned and sealed properly will not allow bacteria harbor. Hence, it is very sanitary to use in the kitchen. However, you must be very particular on your countertop installation for improperly installed granite may absorb liquids, produce irremovable stains or even gather bacteria in the long run.

Granite is Visually Pleasing

No Granite is the same. Granite is composed of different minerals that give each a unique and attractive appearance. Granite countertops can accentuate your house and give your kitchen a timeless look.

A Clean Kitchen Workspace Means Safe Food Handling

Food safety begins at home. With clean hands, kitchen equipment, appliances, and countertops, food are assured to be prepared safely and properly. Hence, countertops must be chosen carefully and installed properly to be assured of safety and visual aesthetics.