Top 3 Signs Your Plumbing Needs a Replacement

Plumber conducting check on kitchen sinkDrain maintenance can be a costly service especially if the issues keep recurring after short intervals. This is why some homeowners struggle with constant drain repairs.

Having a plumbing system installed is necessary for every home. While drain cleaning services keep your home plumbing performing at its best, there would come a time when repairs won’t work anymore. After long years of use, a whole section of drains ought to be replaced with a new one. Below are common signs that a drain or sewer is in need of replacement.

Constant clogging

Drain clogs rarely occur but when they do, they could be challenging to fix. However, when backups and blockages recur, they should raise a red flag. This means there is a severe issue with your drain. To come out of such a predicament, you need to contact trusted drain cleaning pros at Alfa Plumbing Services to diagnose the problem and determine if a replacement should be done.

Constant Leaks

After a long time, your drains will wear and age out. They will crack and cause water and waste matter leakage. This would pool water on the floor and may damage the flooring material of your house. Also, the foul smell from the liquid waste would keep you and the other people in the house uncomfortable. Therefore, cracked drains should be replaced soon before they transfer the damages to the rest of your home.

Mineral Build-up

For those people who live in hard water areas, clogging will mostly be caused by mineral salts. Hard water contains minerals that collect and harden on the inside walls of drains. With time, hard water could cause clogging. However, sometimes the location of the clog might be inaccessible which means the build-up removal process becomes inefficient. Such a case will warrant a complete overhaul of the entire drain section.

Unlike repairs and maintenance, drain replacements could be complicated for an amateur. Having a plumber with experience handle your pipe system replacement would guarantee that you won’t have clogging problems and such in the near future.