Types of Damage Caused by Ice Dams

Tractor removing snowSnow is beautiful but can sometimes be dangerous. One of the most detrimental effects of snow is the formation of ice dams. These are formed when snow collects around your eaves and prevents draining of melted snow from your rooftop.

DIY ice dam removal is inefficient and also dangerous, as the tools used might damage your roof, or you might slip in the snow. This is hence best handled by a snow removal services company in St. Paul. Here are the various damages ice dams can cause on your property.

Water damage

The weight of ice dams can cause seepage of water beneath your roof shingles and into your building. This opens up your property to the devastating effects of water damage. Peeling paints, mildew and mold growth, damaged insulation, and damp carpets are some of the impacts of water damage. These not only affect the integrity of your building but also pose serious health risks for its occupants.

Gutter damage

The buildup of ice around your gutters can cause them to warp or bend. This damages your downspouts and gutters and in severe cases, tears them away from your building. Compromised gutters cause pooling of water around your building’s foundation which significantly affects its integrity. They also lead to peeling or chipped exterior paints and disheveled sidings.

Icicle damage

Icicles resulting from ice dams might look beautiful, but they have devastating consequences. The icicles might fall from your roof onto vehicles or people. They will pierce and extensively damage vehicles and other things around your property. Icicles might also cause severe injuries and cuts if they were to fall on people.

Constructing a building takes a long time and a substantial monetary investment. You cannot afford to sit around and watch your property get destroyed by ice dams. Have the number of a reliable ice dam removal company to call at the first sign of ice dam development.