Types of Filters for Hot Tubs

Modern bathroom with hot tubThere are now countless businesses dealing with spas or hot tubs. These differ from traditional baths in that they are larger and maintain a constant ambient hot water jetted bath. This makes hot tubs convenient for round-the-clock relaxation. Portable and in-ground are the two primary categories of spas.

In-ground or custom hot tubs for Utah residents are constructed from permanent materials and are set into the ground, unlike portable ones. Among the most crucial components of your hot tub is the filter since it prevents the proliferation of bacteria in the ambient spa temperatures. Here are your hot tub filter options.

Cartridge Filters

These are made of plastic, fabric or paper. The filter media is pleated and placed inside a plastic container which you slide into your tub’s filter housing unit. In rare instances, cartridge filters have activated carbon interiors. You can opt to use the filters together with microfilters to enhance your filtration.

Ceramic Filters

These closely resemble cartridge filters but unlike the latter are made purely from ceramic which is considerably more durable compared to paper, fabric, and plastic. Ceramic filters also need less maintenance and cleanings compared to cartridge ones. Though its upfront cost is generally high, the need for replacement of a ceramic filter takes several years.

Sand Filters

These are fast increasing in popularity but are not yet as popular as ceramic and cartridge ones. Sand filters are shaped like long spheres and are located next to your hot tub. They are filled with sand which continually filters out unwanted substances. Sand filters, however, need more regular cleaning compared to other options.

Your spa’s filtration forms the primary defense against debris and dirt in your water. It is hence vital to keep it well-maintained regardless of your choice from the above. You should also opt for certified brands and have them professionally installed to guarantee their optimal operation.