Up a Notch: Add Value to Your Home With the Right Cladding

vinyl claddingOther than just making your house look more attractive, a neat cladding job will also add to its lifespan by making it more weather resistant. While letting a professional do all the installations will improve the quality, it is up to you to choose the appropriate cladding material that will add true value to your home.

Brick cladding

Bricks are known for their sturdiness. Adding a good brick cladding is like giving your home a new wall. It will make the house stronger and protect the original walls from the elements. The additional protective layer will also insulate your home, making it cheaper to thermoregulate.

Since bricks come in different shapes and colours, you can use them to attain a unique patina on your walls. The only problem with brick cladding is it is expensive and bulky. It may cost you a lot and you will feel the pinch when you remove it in the future.

Palliside weatherboards

While the palliside’s 7mm thick cellular core won’t offer as much protection against the elements as bricks do, its ease of installation and affordability makes it a better alternative. Some variants like the UPVC weatherboards sport fire resistant capabilities. They will not only make your house look great, but also protect it from fires that may happen on hot or dry days, assuming you live in the Australian bush fire zones.

Vinyl cladding

Vinyl cladding has impressive aesthetic value. Since it is less costly and wieldier, any professional can play with it to attain different décor concepts. However, due to its flimsiness, vinyl offers you nothing more than good looks. Moreover, PeterBracey.com.au says this cladding for houses has a shorter lifespan than palliside or brick cladding.

When choosing your cladding, you have to establish why you need your house covered. If all you want is a change of mood and looks, vinyl is the economical solution. If you want something functional and durable, go with the studier palliside or brick wall cladding options.