US Coast Guard offers vessel removal service for Irma-damaged boats

salvaged boat in a dockThe U. S. Coast Guard has offered a vessel removal service for owners of damaged boats in Florida that requires them to surrender their property.

Following the impact of Hurricane Irma in the state, some people have lacked the necessary resources to pay for boat repairs. Interested owners should sign a waiver issued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee (FWC) to avail of the service.

Disaster Relief

FWC Capt. Jay Marvin said that the Coast Guard service will allow them to hasten clean-up efforts on the state’s waterways post-Irma. When owners relinquish their ownership, officials could allot more time to address pollution and safety issues by no longer needing to salvage damaged boats.

Those interested in the service may contact the 305-985-3744 hotline, before an FWC representative assists them in the process of handing over boat ownership, according to Marvin. The damages of Irma took place in Florida after Hurricane Harvey struck Texas, which is another major boating state. Texans have also dealt with their share of damages, including repairs for boat lifts by experts in Rockport like Kinsel Docks.

September Sales

An Info-Link Bellwether report showed that sales of powerboats in the U.S. rose almost 4% in September, despite the recent spate of hurricanes in the country. The report based its findings on new registrations on a 12-month basis.

Personal watercraft, tow and outboard boats accounted for much of the increase in September. The report noted a 5% increase in personal watercraft sales, while tow and outboard boats rose 6% and 4%, respectively. Meanwhile, a 2015 Market Research Associates study showed that young Americans prefer renting boats to buying them, as evidenced by a 51% increase bareboat charters between 2012 and 2015.


Cash-strapped boat owners in Florida should consider handing over ownership to the state. This will help them to focus on spending time and money on other matters, as they rebuild their lives after the storm.