WA Home Renovation Approvals to Become Quicker in 2015

WA Home Renovation ApprovalsBuilding projects and home improvements that comply with residential codes will now be easier to accomplish, this according to changes announced by the Western Australia government set to take effect mid-2015.

WA Attorney-General Michael Mischin said renovations and additions that comply with existing residential codes will no longer need planning approval from local councils. These changes aim to streamline home construction and renovation, as it reduces the project duration by two months.

This “Instant Start” initiative also aims to reduce construction red tapes. The changes cover additions to existing homes, including R-code (residential design codes) compliant carports, patios, pools, and granny flats.

More Efficient Building and Home Additions

The changes stem from the problem of application delays, and the subsequent fees and additional overhead costs. Mischin explains that the lack of certainty on plan approval is a “significant cause of added cost, delay, and frustration.” Every week of delay in the project means costs in labour, mortgage, and rental goes up.

Classic Granny Flats, a trusted manufacturer of modular granny flats in Perth, stresses the benefits of granny flats as investments. This type of ancillary dwelling becomes a more enticing option for homeowners and other clients, especially with the minimised red tape and costs that come with the new legislation.

Easier Build, Quicker ROI

Mischin added that the proposed changes mean a less stressful project for homeowners, small businesses, and industries. It does away with the delays plaguing the building industry and costing homeowners a lot of money.

Clients will find it easier to handle paperwork involving the local government, resulting in faster construction. Homeowners have more time to maximise the use of their developments. This means you can rent out your granny flat or have fun in your backyard pool sooner.

WA has the country’s strongest residential building sector, and with the upcoming changes set to take effect soon, home constructions, renovations, and additions are likely to go up.