Water Damage: Its Causes and Health Hazards

Plumber working on a sinkWater damage is a serious problem for property owners because it can cause severe damage to the structure and foundation of the building. The damage will only get worse if not properly fixed. And the worse the damage gets, the higher the water damage repair costs in Salt Lake City will be. The best way to tackle this problem is to have it fixed as soon as possible.

Common causes of water damage

A number of factors can cause water damage. Listed below are just some of them:

  • Leaky roof,
  • Clogged toilets,
  • Broken dishwashers with leaky hoses,
  • Plumbing leaks,
  • Condensation around the air conditioner,
  • Washing machine overflows,
  • Broken pipes, and
  • Cracks in the building’s foundation.

Restoration process

Water damage repairs usually start with professionals inspecting the severity of the damage and how large the damaged area is. Next, they will proceed by removing the water with pumps and water vacuums. After the water has been totally removed, it is now time to pull up all the carpets and let the floors dry completely. All damaged appliances and electronics that can still be saved will be salvaged to be fixed later. The next and final step is to clean and sanitize all of your personal belongings to avoid any unwanted bacterial or mold growth.

Health hazards of water damage

Water does not only damage your building, but it can also cause serious health problems because mold, bacteria, and other organisms grow when there is moisture. Exposure to these organisms can aggravate allergies and cause asthma attacks. Furthermore, even those without pre-existing conditions may develop severe medical problems and respiratory diseases when exposed to these organisms for a prolonged period.

The risk of water damage increases during heavy rains or when the snow melts. Property owners need to be more vigilant during times like this to prevent major damages to their buildings. To be sure, you can always hire a professional to check for any water damages. Additionally, there is nobody better than a professional to handle all of the damages caused by water in your building.