What are the Different Types of Security Systems?

View of a safe neighborhoodHome security systems may provide an extra layer of protection against burglaries, yet owners should be aware of different types suited to their needs.

Certain kinds of alarm systems in Chicago, IL, or New York, NY, could either be monitored or unmonitored systems. While there are many different types of security products, homeowners could just learn about the basic features of each one to reach an informed decision.

Safe Traits

The Federal Bureau of Investigation noted that over 2 million homes become the target of burglars each year. If you keep precious items such as jewelry and paintings in the house, an asset protection device allows you to protect them. These products tip you off when someone tampers with a jewelry box or a vault.

Homeowners should also know that burglar alarms serve a different purpose than security systems. The former signals the presence of an intruder in the house, either to you or law enforcers. If you worry more about fire hazards or flooding more than burglary, a home security system is your best option.

Pros and Cons

Each type of security has its advantages and setbacks. It’s up to you whether a certain product’s benefit outweighs its shortcomings. For instance, wireless systems can be easy to install around the house.

These normally don’t have monitoring fees as well. However, the sensors and cameras’ coverage of distance inside your home can be limited. You will also need to replace batteries often. On the other hand, an electric home alarm can be good for monitoring windows and doors, but interference from lightning has been known to affect its performance.


Choosing a home security system should not be that hard if you already know the basic features of available products on the markets, as being informed helps you make the right purchase.