What to Consider when Redesigning Your Office

employees working in a well-organised office spaceIt is no longer a question of whether the design and furnishing of your office has an effect on the performance of your employees; it is a question of what you are now doing about it.

Many websites feature the ultra-modern office spaces of some of the biggest companies in the world, including Google. The offices of these industry giants are often a far cry from what offices used to be. Before you decide to put in some slides and pool tables, however, think about what your employees need and whether those needs are in line with your company’s goals, values, and the nature of each employee’s job.

Efficiency is the name of the game

Even when a wealthy company chooses to be playful and youthful with their office design, most of the features they put in still show the company’s need for efficiency. You can also think of efficiency even as you choose the new design and buy what you need to make the design a reality. For example, choose office desks online instead of visiting a store or asking them to fax you a catalogue. You can rule out whatever doesn’t meet your preferences and pick out the best choices more quickly if you do it online.

Customisation rules

Choose a company that can customise what you need, from desks to lamps to reception area decoration. What you can’t buy as is, you should ask to be customised. Not only will the customised furniture or decor fit your area perfectly, but it will also give your office space some identity.

Consider what your employees appreciate

You can put in a fabulous sculpture, but the cosmetic changes should only follow the functional. If your employees would like to collaborate on projects more, perhaps adding round tables to your current set-up of cubicles can give them the space to do it, while they can also focus alone on their work in their cubicles or separate offices. Do this more for employees who work in teams or for those who need creativity. Make your office space inspiring and comfortable.

Think about your employees’ well-being

More natural light, more ergonomic furnishings and more airiness. These and many other characteristics define modern offices where employees are known to get the job done faster and with fewer sick days or complaints.

The more you align your values and culture with your office design, the better for your company and your employees. Consider these factors whenever you decide to make changes to your office.