What to Do if Your Water Bill is Through the Roof

Water bill statementThe last thing you need upon arriving home after a tiring day at work is a stack of bills. Worse, your water bill seems higher than usual, and for a moment, you might think there must have been some mistake. The first thing you do is call the water company to clarify things, but they spring another surprise by telling you that there’s been no mistake in billing.

You start to acknowledge that you just might have to grit your teeth and pay up for this month. But you’re determined to find out what caused such high water consumption in the first place, to prevent it happening this coming month. If you’re at a loss, think about making the following diagnoses.

Water usage assessment

Connecting the dots between your high water bill and your home’s usage should be pretty easy. Still, it’s better to talk to your family and ask them if there are any water-heavy stuff they’ve been doing lately. Culprits could be some new appliance or hobbies that siphon off more water than usual.

Ask your wife and kids if they’ve been leaving the shower on for longer than necessary. If you suspect one of these is the cause, try limiting said activities for a month and see if the bill rolls back.

Slipping through the cracks

If you haven’t inspected your bathrooms and plumbing for drips and leaks, now is the time to do so. Leaking sinks announce themselves; they’re easy to identify. But toilets and service lines require closer scrutiny. Toilet leaks don’t take much time, though, and is as simple as taking off the tank lid and checking if the water spills over to the overflow tube.

Leaking service lines are a little more complicated; if there’s audible hissing coming from somewhere in the tank, it’s a sign of water trickling into it through the service line. It’s better to contact a professional if it is indeed a service line leak to avoid wasting water (and adding it up to your bill).

It may be one issue or a compounded one, but knowing how to find or rule out each possible cause can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Addressing these issues not only helps you reduce that expensive water bill, but it also spares you from any further maintenance headaches.