What to Do When You Clean Your Furnace

Heater repair technician working on furnaceRepairing, turning, and cleaning the furnace is an involving task. Modern furnaces require detailed and precise procedures for optimum performance and maximum warmth. Here are four areas that you must check to during your furnace repair and cleaning in Draper, Utah.

Remove and clean the burners

The major reasons why your burners will fail is either because of misalignment or contamination. Similarly, most modern in-short burner models take the carry over design into the burner. There are wings or slots in the burner that align it. Make sure these slots are clean and have no accumulated debris. Debris disrupts the flow of gas and makes your furnace inefficient.

Check the heat exchanger for holes, rust and cracks

While you may think that your visual inspection is enough, you should have a professional look into the heat exchanger to check thoroughly. A professional will use dye penetration and cameras for inspection. The metal flue should also be checked to ensure that it does not have holes and that it is supported accurately.

Check for any signs of gas leaks

To get the best results, you can choose to use either electronic leak detector or soap bubbles. However, be aware that some electronic sensors may give you a false positive outcome. Similarly, some soap bubbles are not completely reliable.

It is better to call a professional if you suspect that you have a gas leak. Do not turn on the burners or light switches if you suspect a gas leak.

For maximum efficiency and best reliability, call a furnace repair service in Draper as soon as you realize there is something wrong with the system or part of the system. However, to minimize the chances of a complete replacement of the system, always have an annual inspection of the furnace system by a professional.