Where Lead Could Be Present In Your Home

Hand with Gloves Wiping a Piece of Wood with ClothLead is a naturally-occurring metal in the earth’s crust that used to be one of the most commonly used metals in manufacturing. However, as more and more evidence of how dangerous it is to humans popped up, lead has been banned from being used in plenty of commercial products.

Still, with how ubiquitous lead was in manufacturing, plenty of homes may still be in danger of lead poisoning. For your own safety and that of your family, consider hiring a lead testing service in Utah to check for the following:

Lead-based Paint

The United States prohibited the use of paint containing lead in 1978. However, this ban didn’t address the homes that had already used lead paint. Many older residential structures still have lead-based paint in them, and this has resulted in many cases of lead poisoning.

Household Goods

Lead is especially dangerous to children because the brain and nervous system is especially sensitive to lead. These health effects are irreversible and can last a lifetime. Before the government banned the use of lead in household products, lead can be found in products ranging from gardening tools to children’s toys.

Lead in Plumbing Components

Another possible source of poisoning in your home is the plumbing system. Many homes still have lead-based plumbing components installed in them. These include lead and copper pipes, as well as brass plumbing fixtures. Over time, these materials can degrade and contaminate the water supply.

Even in small doses, exposure to lead can still result in serious health problems over time, particularly in children. If left untreated, it can even cause death. As such, you shouldn’t postpone having your house checked and tested for lead.