Why Homeowners in Tasmania Should Consider Property Upgrades

House for SaleHomeowners in Tasmania who remain undecided on putting their homes on the market should look at the first-quarter numbers for motivation.

Rising property prices failed to damped interest from buyers, as more than $1 billion of homes exchanged hands between January and March, according to the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania’s Quarterly Property Report.

Property upgrades

You can take advantage of this favourable trend for sellers by looking into the addition of certain elements around the house. For instance, interior sliding barn doors give your house a more rustic appearance that’s perfect for buyers with a penchant for cottage-style homes.

Home stagers advise owners to put real plants inside their house to add some colour and a lively atmosphere. Be wary of using real flowers since they wilt faster than plants. You can also rearrange furniture to make your home look bigger. Most people examine a house from left to right, so think about placing that tall cabinet on the far left corner of the house.

Other diversion tactics

Your television may be the centrepiece of the living room, although it could be a distraction or even make the space look smaller. Think of a way to hide it from plain sight. Of course, the house should be clean and free from any clutter. Buyers only require a short time of deciding whether they want the house, after a few minutes of stepping inside.

In some cases, they don’t even have to enter the property. If you have a well-maintained garden, it can indicate that they would see something better inside the house. Paint your fence with a dark colour to make the flowers and plants stand out.

Experts believe that high property prices in Tasmania will continue in the near future. This could be a perfect time to unlock the value of your investment but consider some home development projects to boost your asking price further.