Why Living in a Townhouse is Good for the Filipino Family

TownhouseWith real estate developments booming in provinces like Cavite, there are a lot of house types and designs for your family to choose from. One of them is the townhouse, a house which shares a wall with another one adjacent to it.

These are the reasons why you should consider moving your family to a townhouse.

Maintenance and Affordability

The most visible advantage of owning a townhouse in developments like Lancaster New City Cavite is the reduced maintenance cost. Since one side of it is shared with a neighbor, you aren’t fully responsible for the upkeep of shared exterior walls, spaces, or yards, thus lowering the cost. For this reason, townhouses for sale in Cavite are in demand.

Compared to condominium units which are just a space, or apartments which are rented out, a townhouse gives you a land all your own. The best part is it’s made more affordable due to the reduced area of the shared side.

Safety and Security

As a Filipino, you value your family above anything else and it’s important that you keep them safe. It’s a comforting thought to have good neighbors just a shared wall away. You look out for each other and after the area you share.

You might get a little anxious when it’s raining and you’re not at home to be with your family. You could also worry about burglar scares or an infamous modus operandi the Philippine National Police deals with, but with a reliable neighbor less than a stone’s throw away, your mind is pacified.

A Sense of Community

Filipinos have the concept of bayanihan, which in the loosest sense means helping one’s neighbors out. A photo on the National Geographic site includes an exemplification of the Filipino tradition of working together to reach a common goal. Although modern real estate developments don’t really give neighbors a chance to carry each other’s houses, townhouses give the community a chance to be united in the effort of improving their mutual environment and to help each other out.

Hopefully, you’ve considered the conveniences of settling your family in a Cavite townhouse.