Why Most Homeowners Choose Aluminum Driveway Gates

Driveway GateThere are numerous materials that people can use for their driveway gates, but aluminum is among the most popular materials due to its durability and ease of styling. Most homeowners choose aluminum driveway gates over other types.

Affordability – Compared to steel gates, aluminum gates are cheaper, agrees Greatfence.com. They are designed in an elaborate way. If you are a homeowner, it is possible to get a perfect design for your gate without the extra charges that come with decorative wrought iron gates.

You can easily open the gate due to its lighter weight – With automatic gates, the weight does not matter much. However, if you have to work it manually, the choice of gate material spells how hard or easy it is to open and close. Since the hinges and the rollers don’t have to keep lifting heavy gates often, they will probably operate for a longer period with little wear and tear.

Elegant – Even if they are not wrought iron gates, they still look colorful, stylish and elegant. These gates are available in different sizes too.

Durability – As aluminum is resistant to rust and corrosion, it can last for many years. Hollow aluminum tubing works well for aesthetic appeal. However, it may not be strong enough for security.

Low maintenance – As aluminum is corrosion-resistant, it saves you from having to clean off the rust on your gate and applying rust-inhibitor regularly.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Driveway Gate for Your Home

Type – You can either choose bi-parting swing, single swing or sliding gates.

Material – aluminum driveway gates are popular, but there are several options for the materials used in making the gates; for instance, wood and wrought iron.

Attachment – Driveway gates can be attached to columns or posts. The posts could be made of slim metal or wood, whereas columns can be square-shaped brick or stone.

Automated opener – The available choices for opening your gate include keypad entry, telephone entry, remote entry, and sensors.

Your driveway gate is the first glimpse that your guests have of your home, so it has to be functional and impressive. Do your research before buying, so you get the right type the first time.