Why Narrow Lot House Plans Work

houseAs the world population continues to increase, resources grow scarce. Though Australia, Europe and North America are considered well-fed places, prices of food, water and soil are more expensive. Scarcity in these resources may lead to disputes and economic collapse — but don’t worry just yet. As long as you have that narrow lot, you can have a house so you don’t pay for expensive rent.

When you want to maximise the limited space you have while still maintaining each room’s functionality, you need narrow lot house designs. This kind of house plan uses space efficiently and wisely, which allows you to save money.

The design is ideal for properties located in crowded cities like Brisbane, where narrow lots are on offer. The following are two of the advantages of going for a narrow design:

  • Ventilation

The house may be small, but a good design makes sure you get natural light in. The Australian Government, which encourages passive cooling for house designs, also says it’s easy to take advantage of cool breezes in narrow and open layouts.

  • Storage

Most homeowners want a larger storage space in their homes. Though the house design may be appropriate for narrow lots, it will have built-in closets to fully utilise the space you have. Rather than seeing the limited space as a challenge, narrow lot house designers from Brisbane’s Urban Homes says homeowners should think of it as an opportunity to have a contemporary house plan.

Find the best builders to construct your plan and the property itself. List all your options, specify your requirements and select the builder who can meet all your demands. This is the only way to get the best value for your money.