Why Pillows and Mattresses are Important to Sleeping Comfortably

Woman Sleeping on a Comfy BedImagine sleeping on a floor with just your arms as your pillow and no blanket. Now, imagine sleeping on a King-sized bed with soft silky bed sheets and a fluffy pillow beneath your head. If given a choice, everyone will choose the latter.

Sleep is what everybody looks forward to after a stressful day at the office, taking care of your kids, or when you come home from a long trip. Alora House believes that your beddings influence the way you feel when you wake up. And the more comfortable you are in bed, the deeper your sleep will be, and the more refreshed you’ll feel when you wake up.

Fluffy Pillows, Comfy Sleep

A pillow supports your upper back and neck when you sleep. If you try to sleep without it, you’ll notice that your head will be in an awkward alignment with your body. This is what causes stiff necks, shoulder and back pain, and headaches when you wake up. And having just any kind of pillow won’t cut it. The pillow must fit the shape of your neck and upper back and must feel comfortable for you. People have different pillow requirements for height and fluffiness and knowing yours is important when you buy a new one.

Mattress Matters

Many things could be going on with your mattress that could be the reason why you’re not getting the right kind of sleep. If you’ve had your mattress for more than eight years, you might already be hosting dust mites, it may not be firm in some places causing uneven sleep, or it may have collected allergens over the years that are causing random coughs, colds, or skin irritation. A mattress that’s even, clean and well-maintained will contribute to the deep sleep your body deserves.

The hours of sleep, your pillows, blanket, and the room temperature are just contributors to the sleep that your body really needs. And if you don’t have the right aid, you may wake up more stressed than refreshed. If you think you’re sleeping comfortably now, try to observe how you feel when you wake up. If you wake up with a stiff and in pain, you just might need to make some changes.