Why Walk-In Bathtubs are Required For a Safer Bathroom

Bathroom with a Bathtub

Making your home more senior- friendly is an option most people take when they have older members in their family. Bathrooms, in particular, require specific modifications, such as walk-in bathtubs and non-slip flooring. Here are some reasons why walk-in bathtubs are a good choice for those who wish to make a safer home.
 Ease of Entry and Exit – Heavenly Walk In Tubs says that the structure of traditional bathtubs can make it hard for people to get in and out, as they have to climb over a relatively high barrier. With walk-in tubs for seniors, they only have to open a door. The convenience that this bathtub gives extends to people with disabilities and smaller children.
Non-slip Surfaces – Bathroom surfaces tend to become slippery when water is on the floor. Fortunately, walk-in bathtubs are designed to be slip-free. Not only do they have surfaces that have good traction, but they also provide a seat inside the bath. The bather can sit comfortably in the tub as the water drains out, limiting the risk of slips due to excess water on the floor.
A Boost of Independence – Many older adults want to retain their sense of independence. A walk-in tub gives them this opportunity as they can use it on their own. For many seniors, maintaining their personal hygiene is one way of showing their independence. They feel less of a burden to their relatives and caregivers. For them, it is a morale booster and could also prevent other psychological issues such as depression.
Consider installing walk-in tubs to give the older members of your family a sense of independence and support.  Look for reliable suppliers and installers of these tubs and make your home a safer place.