Why You Should Have Safety Glasses At Home

HomeGlass is no longer the weak and fragile material many people perceived before. Modern types of glasses can still break into pieces, but the latest advancements in the manufacturing process of glass has allowed some types to become stronger. Companies call these stronger-than-before types “safety glass.”

Two Types of Strong Glasses

There are two sub-types of safety glasses: tempered glass and laminated glass. Although tempered safety glass is strong, it can still break. But, companies designed it to shatter into tiny, harmless round pieces to prevent injuries. Laminated glass, on the other hand, has a plastic skin called PVB, which is in between each layer of glass that the laminated glass has. With this PVB, the pieces stay in place instead of shattering when the glass breaks, creating a “spider-web” effect.

Fitting Home Applications

These tempered and laminated preventative glass materials may work for your home. You can apply glass into your living space in a number of ways, such as partitions and shower screens. Glass can also act as balustrades for balconies or guardrails for staircases, according to Clear-Az-GlassFencing.com.au.

Other Benefits of Glass

Aside from being highly resistant to breakage and preventing injury when broken, applying safety glass into your house brings a number of other benefits.

  • Style – Glass can add to or enhance the style and elegance of your home. It comes in different frames, colours and textures. When you don’t want clear glass, you can choose frosted glass. You can also choose glasses that have prints on them. Whatever styles your home has—modern, contemporary, industrial—glass can still fit in.
  • Space – Glass gives an illusion of space, as you can see through it and view your surroundings. This feature suits best in outdoor balconies and pool fences.
  • Durability – Glass balustrades are easy to clean, and frames don’t corrode, lasting for years.

Safety glasses can be a beautiful addition to your home, while also adding sufficient protection.