Window Treatments to Reduce Your Cooling Expenses

Woman opening her windowsWindow treatments are not just there to make your home look lovely. They are also useful for saving energy. Heat gain is a major problem in many homes in the Philippines, and keeping your house cool with electric fans and air conditioning can lead to skyrocketing power expenses.

To lower your need to use electric fans and air-conditioners on full blast all the time, here are some window treatments you should try.


Roller blinds in Manila you can buy from reputable vendors such as Projects Unlimited (Phil.) Inc. are very effective in reducing heat gain; up to 45% in the summer. Choose a highly reflective type of blinds if you want to maximize the benefits.

The best part about blinds is you can open the window for ventilation, but block out direct sunlight by drawing the blinds. They can protect you from the sun as well as from prying eyes.


Did you know that installing awnings could lower solar heat gain during summer by up to 70 percent? Choose an opaque awning material with tight weaving. Polyvinyl and acrylic laminates, as well as synthetic fabrics, can do wonders in protecting your home from extreme heat.

Awnings with grommets or openings on the side can prevent from trapping hot air. To let the sun in whenever you want, such as during cold weather, get retractable or roll-up awnings.

Mesh screens

Popular for protecting households from mosquitoes and other bugs, mesh window screens are also effective for reflecting sunlight and reducing solar heat gain. You should attach a screen outside the entire window to be effective.

Storm window panels

Although these are more effective against heat loss, storm window panels can still lower solar heat gain. They are also necessary in a tropical country that is always dealing with strong typhoons.


The effectiveness of a curtain to stop heat gain depends on the fabric and the color. Like storm panels, these are more effective for preventing heat loss. You can, however, use sheer fabric to block out some sunlight and let in plenty of air.

The right window treatments, or a combination of several ones, can significantly lower your home’s solar heat gain, reducing the need to run your air conditioner full-time. Talk to a supplier to find out which window treatment is best for your house.