Wise Investing: Exterior Home Remodelling Projects that Give the Best ROI

A house currently under renovationThe highly competitive housing market makes it important that a house stand out and catch the attention of buyers or renters. One such way to do this, remodelling projects, can also significantly increase a property’s resale value.

Each home remodelling project yields different returns on investment. If you’re planning to remodel in hopes of increasing your home’s resale value, focus on the exteriors first. Remember, curb appeal can make or break a potential buyer’s interest in your home.

Garage Door Replacement

Garage doors make up a large part of your home’s exterior. You can appeal to a wider demographic with simple, clean, and elegant designs. Cold, heat, and water can cause even durable garage doors to show signs of age and require replacement, however. This not only affects the aesthetic value but security, shares the experts at All Star Garage Doors Inc.

Consider replacing your old garage door with an automated and well-insulated one. It will draw in families, as it helps boost security and cut down on heating bills. Another point in favour of this type of renovation is that garage door replacements are relatively low-cost and offer up to 98% return on investment.

House Siding Renovation

Remodelling your house’s siding improves its aesthetic value and durability. Carefully choose siding materials that are not only easy to install but also versatile and water-resistant. Popular siding materials include vinyl, wood, and brick.

Natural or manufactured stone veneer siding is excellent for raising your home’s resale value. The material is durable, insulating, and gives a high-end feeling. It may be costlier than other materials, but it offers high returns. Installing the stone veneer siding around the lower third of your house’s walls, rather the entirety of the exterior, can help keep costs more manageable.

Backyard Deck Addition

Although a backyard deck or patio may not add to your home’s curb appeal, it’s a relatively low-risk renovation that pays off well. It’s also a great way to add a social space to your home without breaking down any walls.

Pressure-treated wood is a popular material for low-maintenance decks as it is rot- and insect-resistant, as well as more affordable than redwood or cedar. Make sure to choose high-grade lumber to avoid shrinking or warping of the wood.

When remodelling your home to increase its value, it’s better to start on your exteriors than work your way up to interior renovations. First impressions last, after all.