Yes! They are Dirty But They Are Difficult To Clean That You May Not Dare To Touch It

Carpet CleaningWould you believe that women spend a year and half of their lives cleaning the house?  Brandon Gaille, CEO of an internet marketing company, claimed this in his post about Cleaning Industry Statistics. A considerable amount of time is spent on household items that are hard to clean, like the following:

Pillows and Mattress

Pillows and mattress are homes for dust mites.  According to the Ohio State University entomology department, 10% of the weight of a two-year-old pillow can be comprised of dust mites and their excrement.

Because they aren’t easy to clean, according to a report by Ergoflex, a UK mattress company, bachelors take three months, couples take two weeks, and single women two and a half weeks to change them. Imagine all the dirt hiding in there!

Based on a recent survey, 93% of Americans hate cleaning.  A local maid-service provider conducted this survey with 2,000 households. However, if you want to avoid the accumulation of bacteria, clean pillows regularly and let them dry properly.

Blinds and Curtains

Dust and mold spores thrive in them. When cleaned, they can even trigger allergic reactions. Removing them alone takes much of your time, and their heaviness does not make it any easier.

Unless you need heavy curtains, consider replacing them with lighter ones.

Mat, Carpet and Rug

Being on the floor, mat, carpet and rug are favorite landing areas of germs carried by your shoes. With96% of shoe soles carrying traces of coliform, removing dirt isn’t enough to avoid risking everyone’s health at home. Cleaning them, especially carpets, is the most difficult and time consuming household chore to do.

You can clean them using a mixture of strong detergents to remove most of the germs. There is also the option to go to companies in Draper like that specialize in the task.

A dirty house is definitely a source of stress.  To address the mess, you have two options.  You may either do the cleaning regularly or hire professionals for the job.